The blogging community honors its writers by having bloggers nominate other bloggers for The Very Inspirational Blogger Award.

I have been given this distinction by a talented artist and blogger, Wendie Donabie.                                                                                                                                                                          

To achieve the award a blogger needs to:

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  2. Link back to the blog of the person who nominated them.
  3. State 7 things about oneself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.
  5. Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the requirements of the award.

1. Post Award

2. Thank you to Wendie Donabie who has nominated me for The Very Inspirational Blogger Award.

 Who is BlueHeronWrites?

Wendie Donabie says, she is BlueHeronWrites, a fiction writer, poet and emerging artist whose goal is to inspire, entertain and touch the soul of those who read her words and view her paintings. The Great Blue Heron is her favorite bird. It is a symbol of contemplation, vigilance, divine wisdom, and inner quietness; all attributes needed when pursuing dreams.
Why she wants to write:
‘As a young child I dreamed of writing for a living but life choices took me along another career path – actually a couple of paths. I have no regrets; I’ve experienced a rich and fulfilling life. Yet within me a longing still exists to express myself creatively. Today there are no excuses; I have the time, the place and lots to share.”
Why she creates paintings:
“For me,” she says, “the creative process starts with an inspiration. It might be a fleeting image or thought or be sparked by something I’ve read or overheard. I love taking photographs of nature and these too serve to stimulate my Muse. My hope is that my paintings will draw the viewer in and touch his/her spirit in some way.”
Check out some of Wendie’s beautiful paintings,

3. Seven Things About Me:

1. I have the time to write a blog, since I am retired from the education profession,
2. I had thought about a cookbook but the times have changed and the internet if the future.
3. I love to spend time with my three children and five grandchildren.
4. I have always liked to cook but I have improved my skills overtime.
5. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, on the Coast of the Gulf of Mexico.
6. I learned you can learn new things as you age, in my case, the art of using blogging software.
7. I appreciate the arts, all of them, painting, writing, sculpture, movies, music and theater.

4. Nominate 15 bloggers and provide links:

Karen Pavone is a writer, artist, and photographer who lives in Novato, California with her husband Matt, and two children. She is a passionate advocate for sustainable farming and the SLOW food movement. Food For Thought is dedicated to shining a spotlight on farmers, chefs, bakers, cheese-makers and others in Marin and Sonoma Counties who are producing quality food from farm to table. Karen also writes a popular food blog,

We have similar backgrounds and love to write about italian food. Michele says, We grew up in an Italian family in New Jersey with deep roots in Sicilia (Santo Stefano di Camastra) and Le Marche (Senigallia).She says she inherited a love of cooking from her  mother, Josie, who was always whipping up Italian feasts for our neighborhood and family.  Homemade gnocchi, ravioli, passatelli were staples in our house and luckily she passed on her cooking skills to her children.

The foundation for Linda’s Italian Table is what she learned daily from watching my mother and father create magic in the kitchen fashioning doughs, pastas, and making rich sauces without rigid recipes. It was there that sausage, stuffed breads, seafood delicacies and pastries of all kinds became the bounty from which wonderful meals originated that would sometimes last for hours. My mother called it “peasant food” as she thought if reflected simplicity. In my memory, it was more like “food of the gods” – aromatic and seductive with every bite. I learned at an early age that the best meals were always at home…

A lifelong vegetarian and vegan for more than six years, Chloe aims to bring delicious, meat-free dishes to the mainstream. Her decadent desserts and savory entrees prove that vegan cooking offers healthy choices without sacrificing flavor.

Over the last couple of years, her blog has evolved into a format of sharing step-by-step photos on how I made a recipe.  She hopes her instructions will inspire someone to try one of her recipes– and that it will give them the confidence to do it. Most of my German recipes were taught to me, by my “Mutti”.

Sluggo says, “The only thing I love more than playing with gadgets is food. Whether it’s soul food, Hawaiian fusion, or just a simple late night snack I love it all. I love searching out new culinary treats and the people who create them. It’s not just the food itself it’s the stories and people behind it that have led me on a never-ending but delicious sojourn. With nothing but a fork and a laptop I am seeking out that next great bite.”

Television’s “Hopeless Housewife” Erika Monroe-Williams has been cooking most of her life, beginning at an early age helping her mother in the kitchen. Erika recalls most every night being an occasion at the dinner table as a child and has tried to bring that same spirit to her own dinner table as an adult with her family- but not without hiccups along the way. Erika is now hoping to share her secrets with everyone who has felt as hopeless as she has felt in the kitchen at one time or another.

Explore the world of A Girl for All Time®, a series of award-winning dolls, novels and keepsake books that bring the past to life with cool fashions, exciting stories and original activities to share with friends and family. Winner ‘Best Doll 2011’ and ‘100 of the Best Educational Toys’, this uniquely British brand encourages creative play for girls 6+.

Cynthia says, Why a blog? Why not? It seems to me that a blog is the 21st century equivalent to a journal or diary, which I wrote in religiously throughout high school and college. The only difference is that with a blog(with any luck), people might actually read it!

I’m a twenty-something economics graduate from LSE, blogging in my spare time. I was raised mostly in Britain but recently made a radical decision, undoubtedly the culmination of a quarter-life crisis, to return to the city in which I lived as a child. I’m currently living and working in Istanbul, where I enjoy having my own kitchen, petting stray cats, taking the ferry home, and staring out at the sea while compulsively theorizing about the future. I cook and bake as a hobby, and a very amateur hobby at that. Therefore, this blog should not be taken as a guide to anything but rather a diary of my culinary experiences.

Victoria says, “ I started this blog as a collection of all things I love in the home, in and out of the kitchen, and out and about in the fashion world. I’m a serious food enthusiast, fashion aficionado, thrift shopper, home DIY-er, and puppy lover.”

Here I share stories of my bumpy transformation from practicing law to perfecting homemaking (see below),  along with stories about my food adventures inside and outside the kitchen with my family, friends, and our constant companion…our sweet dog…as we live, love, and eat…in the Texas Hill Country!

I am a beekeeper based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK. I am relatively new to beekeeping with 2010 being the first year that I have had my own hives set up. This blog follows my experiences as a new beekeeper, in both words and pictures, and hopefully proves to be of use to other beekeepers or to those considering starting up as well as entertaining or educational for those who are just interested in bees or enjoy seeing me get stung!

Bloggy Moms is a community for all women. A community where women and moms in social media gather to learn more and share their knowledge about the blogosphere and social media world. Our members are trendsetters, influencers and savvy.
At Bloggy Moms they share their posts, the newest technology and the latest trends. Bloggy Moms is a place to find support, resources and connections while supporting each other.
Discussions on Bloggy Moms range from parenting, blog platforms, social media, technology, motherhood, the latest networking trends and much more.

Thanks to the tutelage of some great shows on Food Network, the Cooking Channel and PBS as well as some fabulous blogs and great cookbooks (including my Bampa’s), I can often be found immersed in all things culinary during my spare time. I also love to throw soirees from time to time and nothing feels better to me than to gather friends and family and celebrate life.

Thank you very much Wendie for the honor.